Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Things! (Part 2) Boots

I've gotten my boots (at least my first pair to try on and break in), and here is what they are:

Brand: Keen

Style: Targhee II Mid Hiking Boots

Waterproof: So they say

Weight: 1 lb, 14oz per pair

The weight is important, as I have heard that "one pound on your feet is equivalent to five pounds on your back." Which, frankly, sounds crazy to me. However, it was then explained to me that having extra weight at the end of your leg is like having a giant dumb bell on the end of a pendulum. At the end of a day of hiking I will be particularly aware of every single ounce of weight on my feet, as I will be lifting them over boulders, fallen trees, and the slumbering bodies of all the bears I will render unconscious with my bare hands.

The other piece of wisdom is that you want the pattern of the sole of your hiking boot to be irregular. I suspect it has something to do with leaving a unique mark on the faces of the bears I will ninja-kick, such that they can warn all the other bears to leave me alone.

More sincerely, I think the irregular pattern is to make it less likely that I will slip and fall down an entire mountain. Also, I promise I won't roundhouse any bears.

I have owned these boots for about a week, and I wore them for four days straight during an excursion up to Maine. So far they feel comfortable, though I'm not used to wearing high-top shoes. My brain continues to send me signals that something is touching my ankles. It's like wearing a new ring, that for the first several days of wearing it, you are conscious of something wrapped around your finger. This goes on until your brain finally gives you up as a bad job, to the tune of, "Well fine, if you won't pay attention to me, then I'm just going to stop telling you things. So there."

At this point it's really hard to tell if these are the right boots for me and I just have to break them in, or if they're the wrong boots for me. The excellent thing about REI is that I can totally destroy these boots and then still take them back to the store for an exchange. I don't want to do that, but it's nice to know that it's an option.

A trustworthy friend of mine pulled these off my feet and gave them a good sniffing, and said they were acceptable.

That's good enough for now.

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