Sunday, November 25, 2012


Over the past week I have:
1. Gone camping in the Cat Skill mountains
2. Eaten approximately 4000 calories with my family for a day of thankful celebration and epic nerf gun battles.
3. Hiked to the top of the mountain at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.

Somewhere in the middle of that Mike was also in London for 3 days. There is a fair amount of photos to accompany these gambols, but I haven't been home/stopped moving/focused my eyeballs yet.

Stay tuned for our bird's-eye-views and my bird-brain-thoughts.

In the meanwhile...

My 10-year-old cousin, upon reaching the top of the cliff-face in Harper's Ferry and looking down at the tiny people walking below:
"Kinda makes you want to spit, doesn't it?"

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