Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mile 100 and North Carolina

Day 7: 4.5 miles*. Dick's Creek's Gap, GA to Plum Orchard Gap, GA

Day 8: 12.2 miles. Plum Orchard Gap, GA to Standing Indian Gap, NORTH CAROLINA!

Day 9: 16.2 miles. Standing Indian Gap, NC to Long Branch Gap, NC (During this day we crossed MILE 100! It was at the top of Mount Albert, after our steepest vertical climb. There was also a firetower on the mountain, which let us see all the land).

Day 10: 7.3 miles. Long Branch Gap to Winding Stair Gap. (We also hiked an extra 1.4 miles off trail to see the second largest Poplar tree in North America, making this an 8.7 mile day. We then hitched into Franklin, NC to resupply. We are staying at the most perfectly sketchy Budget Inn, a Motel for champions).

*Hikers call this a "Near-O" day (as opposed to a "Zero" day) where you do just a few miles to give your body a bit of a respite.

I tried to think of how to describe the feeling of crossing into our first new state, crossing mile 100, and being able to see for miles and miles in every direction. We are trying to make this entire hike about a series of small victories, to allow us to stay in the moment and enjoy each day. I was going to write more, but I think a lot of what happened over the past 4 days is best captured in photo.

Take it away, Dumptruck:


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! 100 miles and one state down. Way to go! The pictures tell the story beautifully. Nice work Mike. The tree is honored Mother Nature by taking a side trip to see it. Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Mile 100!! Rock on with your bad selves! And fantastic photos Dumptruck :D What a treat to have this record.

    Also (and please excuse the nature nerd freakout): Poplar trees!!!! Oh man poplar trees. Depending on how you quantify individuality in trees, popular groves may be considered some of the largest living organisms on the planet since whole forests can grow from a single ancient mother tree. There's a grove of aspens in Utah, called "Pando" that is over 106 acres an 80,000 years old.

    So you were visiting real history (or treestory?!)


  3. Fantastic!! 100 miles and counting. Congratulations. Beautiful photos Mike. Onward and upward. What a great compilation of your journey. We so look forward to each and every chapter. Love Mom and Dad