Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Ode to Otto

The most recent blog post about our comings-and-goings is below this post, but here are more of Dumptruck's photos from 4/20 through to today, 4/23! We are staying in Damascus with a few of Otto's lovely friends, WhirlieBirdie and Hoppy. We grilled out last night, and they're letting us tent on their front lawn, because they are kind and generous folks.

I wrote an Ode to Otto, and performed it for him last night. Here it is!

Hiking we were
In Tennessee spring
When we began to unravel
Due to injuries and things

First Dumptruck did fall
And his shoulder did fly
Apart from his body
Now he's an off-kilter guy

And then our sweet Hot Dog
Got a rash on her rump
And all over her body
Doctors it did stump!

Then next did we have
Plague and pestilence
But that was just Apollo
Scratching on our tents

And yet we did get
From Erwin to Damascus
"A miracle! Amazing!
But how?" you might ask us

Down from the hills
Not a moment too late
Came a man of grand humor
Sir Otto the Great

Into his mighty truck
We put our backpacks
He slack-packed us those miles
And put up with our crap

He brought us ice cream
Sandwiches and good cheer
And only twice did he fart
At least that we could hear

He taught us about the trail
And honored our choices
He never complained
About our loud child voices

All through the day
Though we scream and squawk
Otto makes us laugh
And encourages our walk

We're all healed now
And can put on our packs
If it weren't for Sir Otto
We may have turned back

On we will travel
Safe and Northbound
Knowing that Otto's
The best guy around

Photos by Dumptruck


Cats at Kincora Hostel

Left to Right: Clever Girl, Whistle, Hot Dog, Apollo, Grim and Apple Butter

It's hard to tell in this photo - but my legs are INSANELY HAIRY.


  1. Hooray! Love the photos (Dump Truck is the man!) and the poem is the cat's meow. Too, too perfect. We laugh thinking of you reading it/acting it. Good luck as you load up your backs and head on out. We love and miss you. Stay safe and hold hands. Goodies await in Sugar Grove. Love, Mom and Dad.

  2. Love the ode to Otto. Hot Dog told me you all on on the mend.
    Here's to Flat Virginia and a short 544 miles.
    Love your blog and so does my mother.
    Margie & Maurice

  3. To damn cute for words, honestly, I'm a little nauseous at how cute you are. Sounds like everyone is on the mend, a good way to start Virginia. Happy Trails...
    Still following, Beth and Bern

    1. Cute…with a steel core. Hike safe tomorrow. Keep playing loud! Love, Mom and Dad

  4. Fantastic poem for a fantastic human being! Your photos are beautiful Dump Truck! Welcome to Virginia. Spring will be beautiful(less the allergies Dump Truck). Enjoy each moment. Will see you soon. Love and miss you bunches. Mom and Dad