Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Should I marry Kocoum?!

I tried with all of my might to embed this, but blogger just won't let me. So instead I present to you this link to a short clip of Whistle, Hot Dog and me singing in the back of a moving pickup truck:

It was on our way to Gatlinburg, which reminds me, I didn't tell you guys about the poster we made for Beth and Bernie! Hot Dog supplied the used AWOL Guide pages, which I duct-taped together. I then drew a poster for them using a sharpie, because it was quite literally the least we could do. I included a llama because llamas are great. Can't say I went to art school for nothin'!


  1. Video is FABULOUS! You harmonize beautifully.

    Love the poster. Everything is better with a llama.

    Hugs and kisses,
    Mom and Dad

  2. Thanks for sharing the video. It is great to see you all and hear you all.
    Keep on walking
    Margie & Maurice (aka Hotdogs parents)