Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whites in Photos and Miles

8/15: 13 miles from Gordon Pond to Franconia Notch

8/16: 10.4 miles over Mount Haystack, over Mount Lincoln to the summit of Lafayette, then down to Greenleaf hut, then down the Bridal Path side trail

8/17: Zero Day at Worthley Pond! We were picked up by our wonderful friends Bill and Cathy (whose son Brett is a close friend of ours), who took us to their cabin and fed us, fed us and fed us. It was like heaven. Their cabin is my happy place.

8/18: 8.4 miles back up the Greenleaf Trail, back up to the summit of Lafayette, over Mount Garfield then on to Franconia Ridge Trail (stealth camping)

8/19: 12.7 miles over South Twin Mountain, Mount Guyot and Zeacliff to a stream (stealth camping)

8/20: 11.5 miles over Mount Webster, Mount Jackson and Mount Pierce, and stealth camping at the Crawford Path cutoff

8/21: 12.7 miles over Mount Eisenhower, Mount Franklin, Mount Monroe, Mount Washington(!), Mount Jefferson, Thunderstorm Junction, and Mount Madison, to a stealth campsite below treeline after the descent down Madison. This day alone had a total elevation change of approximately 3,725 feet up and 5,020 feet down, totalling 8,745 feet of elevation change in one day. To put that in context, that's 6 (six) empire state buildings.

And I wondered why I was so tired at the end of that day. The other days in the Whites were no joke, either!

8/22: 6 miles to Pinkham Notch

I will update with writing later today, but for now, here are the photographs from the beginning of the White Mountains in New Hampshire through to Pinkham Notch!
Mt. Wolfe 

Only a little muddy

Found this kitten button!

On South Kinsman

North Kinsman

Dumptruck wearing Catch's shorts

The boys trade clothing

Oh gracious heavens!

Something big has been here

Lonesome Lake

Nearly to Lafayette

Going up Lafayette

On top of Lafayette!

With Bill and Cathy!

Looking at Lafayette ridge

At the cabin on Worthley Pond

Dumptruck and Brett!

Going down Lafayette

Oh, just hiking.

Galehead Hut

Badonk and Cub!

Mt. Washington in the distance!

AT Fashion Trends

Black fly bite on my left foot- look at how swollen the toes are!

Lake of the Clouds Hut

I'd turn back if I were you.

Lake of the Clouds

Headed up Mt. Washington!

The Great Gulf

Looking back over Mt. Madison


  1. So beautiful, some of the photos look professional, I was thinking they are postcards only better. LOL

    1. Thanks Maureen!! That's so sweet. It's not me, it's just so beautiful up here, the pictures take themselves :)

  2. Beautiful!!! Looks like you had amazing weather. I am so sad we couldn't join you guys in the end. We would have just slowed you down anyway :P

    1. We still would have loved to see you! :-D

  3. wow, wow, wow, wow, and wow! amazing photos. I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed following your journey. happy trails, and dang, you're getting close! safe travels.

    1. Thank you so much! It's been awesome, indeed.

  4. Be on the lookout for Karma now SOBO from Gorham. She's the only other bad ass writer in the class of '13.

    1. Thanks Sisu! Dumptruck and I are going to Flip-Flop, but I hope to meet her someday!!

  5. Awesome photos and love catching up on the blog, it was great to meet you guys in NH!! Kayla and I have enjoyed following along.