Monday, October 21, 2013

184. Bouldering

Whistle and Dumptruck

Dumptruck has a photography blog!!

THANK YOU to these 2 (from Clever Girl). I was driving back from Pittsburgh and it was going to take me way past midnight, so I enlisted the help of these two amazing people to guest-post for me. If you have any interest in possibly submitting a guest post (illustrated or written!) let me know!


  1. Wicked funny! Good work, you two. Especially love the expressions on Clever Girl and Grim when Dumptruck takes her picture. "She's just going to keep doing these things if you encourage her by taking her picture...hmmmppphhhh...see what happens?" Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Started on 200 and here I am now at 3:30AM ... can't stop reading! Your blog is fantastic and I look forward to reading through your journey and remaining 200 reasons! I'm not sure how far in the future, but myself and a good friend seem destined to attempt the AT