Monday, December 9, 2013

165. Meeting Big Goals

I tried to write a crackerjack post about what it felt like to meet a long distance goal, but nothing I could come up felt like it actually captured the depth of those emotions. Luckily, on trail, my hiking family was always game for creating ridiculous videos to commemorate our accomplishments. Three of these I have posted before, and one never actually made it online until today. I'm not sure why I didn't share it with you before, except perhaps because it is a lot shorter and a lot less well-thought-out than the other ones. There's definitely a progression in regard to our lip-synch quality.

1. 500 Miles

2. 1,000 Miles

3. Halfway Point

4. Summit
Clever Girl


  1. Hey CG, what happened to your half-way video? It was so good!
    - Drifter

    1. Hey! It should be in this post! The third one down. You may have to watch it on a computer- for some reason it won't play on some mobile devices.

    2. You need to check this - I've tried on two different laptops and it appears is now blocked for copyright grounds??? I get a black window and a statement saying something to that effect.

    3. Oh no! I can fix this, I'll try to do it tonight. I'll just upload it to vimeo instead :D

    4. Thanks so much for bringing my attention to it and for being so patient with me! Sometimes I think I understand the internet, and then it just reminds me I'm a hippie luddite.