Monday, December 2, 2013


Alright folks, dear readers of mine:

Dumptruck's book is finished, and he has started a crowdfund for it. Dumptruck has been working nonstop on this since we finished the trail. Insider info: I have seen all of the photographs in the project, and they completely blow my mind.

You can preorder a special edition of the book, see the fundraiser, and contribute anything you are able, here:

We would appreciate any way that you can help support this project. This is also the only way for you to be able to get a copy of this edition of Northbound. With every financial contribution there are awesome perks. I will also do whatever I can to hug each and every one of you that helps out.

Even if you can't contribute financially, please share the IndieGoGo site with friends, family, facebook, etc. Any little bit helps. This is the only way for the book to be published at the level of quality it deserves.

So much love,
Clever Girl


  1. Here's hoping 'Northbound' exceeds your wildest dreams. (Bern)

  2. The site for the fundraiser is AWESOME! Looks like it's bringing in lots of traffic. So glad people are jumping at the chance to have the book. Love, Mom and Dad