Monday, March 3, 2014

Northbound Prints

Last week Dumptruck was up until 2am for 3 nights in a row, hand-packing all 225 copies of Northbound into boxes and sending them all over the country (and world!).

All the copies of Northbound!

He and my mom tested the packing style by throwing one of the packed-up boxes back and forth across my parents' living room, stomping on it, and flinging it against the wall of the garage. This is how all professional shipping companies, like Amazon, test to see if their products are securely packed. Except they have a bigger budget, so instead of things getting flung against a garage wall, things are instead blasted out of a cannon against a 10-foot cube of solid poured concrete.

In the post office, waiting to be sent to their new homes.

Due to the fact that the independent printing company can only run large number orders of the books at a time, unfortunately more books cannot be ordered individually. However, you can still order individual photograph prints from Dumptruck's Etsy shop! 

Thank you to everyone who supported Dumptruck through the IndieGoGo campaign.

Here's just a few of the photos available for print at the shop. I highly recommend going to the shop and checking out what's available!


  1. GG, received my copy left on doorstep in snow (NW Ohio) but packaging was superb and all was safe inside - I'm enjoying, congrats again to you and DT.

    1. There was no snow on my doorstep (Gulf Coast of Fla) thank goodness and we are enjoying Northbound very much. The photographs are excellent, the forward is genuine and the quality superb. Helluva good job all the way around. A heart felt thanks on our end.

      ( I still say CG ought to carry the camera gear when ya'll hike the PCT )

  2. Mike and Kit,
    What a beautiful gift I found on my doorstep the other night when I got in from a long day at school! The whole family looked through it and enjoyed every picture! Each picture has such powerful feeling, Mike, you are an amazing photographer! Thank you so much, we will treasure this book!
    Tery :)
    p.s. hug Phoebe for me! :)