Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi Day Pi-union

It's March 14th, exactly one year since Whistle and Hotdog met on the Appalachian Trail. It also happens to coincide with Pi Day (3.14), a day in which people eat as much pie as possible and then attempt to recite as many digits of pi as possible. These two activities usually need to be combined, because then the violent vomiting that comes from all the pie-consumption can be used as a suitable excuse for only making it to 15 or 16 digits of pi.

"Oh no," you can exclaim, "I totally knew more digits, but whoopsie, I'm too busy barfing up this rainbow of pie."

To celebrate this momentous anniversary for Whistle and Hotdog, as well as to have an excuse to eat like monsters hikers again, we all met up for a tiny hiker pi-union (Pie + Reunion), and consumed four pieces of pie each... We each ate an entire half of a pie. I feel ill, and happy. Just like how it should be.

Whistle took this photo at 3:14pm on 3/14, next to the hiker's
equivalent of a pie, last year during her thru-hike, and after
she met Hotdog. They bought little pies together, and
celebrated the beginning of an awesome friendship.

The plate translates to "i 8 sum pi" or,  "I ate some pie"

Hotdog brought party hats, as well as dinosaurs that grow
in water.

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