Wednesday, April 16, 2014

119. Required Reading

WARNING: THERE ARE A FEW (SOMEWHAT) INAPPROPRIATE THINGS IN THIS POST. You have been warned. You may now swim at your own risk. Feel free to clutch your pearls and cross yourself as needed.

I think that for most of our lives we don't notice how inundated we are with the written language. It's around us all the time. It's in front of you right now. It's in your pocket, on your phone, waiting to be read. It's on the side of buses, on billboards, on food packaging, on signs in the waiting room at your dentist's office that you read over and over again because your phone doesn't get any reception in there. It's on the backs of shampoo and soap bottles that you read when you get stuck sitting on the toilet for too long and have no way to entertain yourself.

Thus, when you suddenly find yourself in a world where there is very little written language, with the exception of shelter logs and trail signs, the presence of the written word can be somewhat startling. Usually this only happens on ventures into towns, but sometimes it's along the trail itself. After a little while on our journey, Dumptruck started taking photos of signs that he found particularly interesting or funny. And without further ado, here they are for you, in no particular order... except that they start out tame and then get increasingly inappropriate.




I can only assume this was done by the same person... or two like-minded people.
I hope they found each other, and that they're in love.

Clever Girl


  1. Howdy my name is tanner this is hilarious my hike starts in May after I graduate I have enjoyed reading about y'all's hike I found it while researching
    - tanner
    By the way I've become a fan of your humor

    1. Hello Tanner! I'm so excited for you to start your hike! In regard to trekking poles, I would recommend getting poles with cork handles (as opposed to plastic handles) just because they are a bit more forgiving, and do a better job with not getting totally sweaty. As for the brand, almost all brands are great! Most of them are good about customer service, in that you can get in touch with them to replace pole parts if something breaks. Mine were Komperdell poles, and lasted the entire trail without bending or breaking at all.

  2. Forgot one more thing any advice on trekking poles