Friday, May 23, 2014

Clever Girl Ultramarathon Break

Hey there hikers!

I am running an Ultra Marathon this weekend. It is a 50k race (31 miles) trail running through New Gloucester, Maine over lots of hills during black fly season. I am going to take a small break from writing today and Monday, because I have to sleep for a zillion hours tonight and then on Monday I'm going to be too busy weeping for 12 hours straight while laying in a bathtub of ice, drinking 2 gallons of gatorade and writing mean-spirited love sonnets to my past self in full iambic pentameter (the past self that signed me up for this race). When I have sports-induced fever dreams, I believe that I am Shakespeare, but with more vitriol... and a ladylike figure.

I plan on giving you all a full write up of all the heartache, glory, victory and calories that will undoubtedly go into this race.

I'll see you on the other side. The other side being Wednesday. I'll see you then.

In the meanwhile, here's a photo of Dumptruck in the snow in a speedo. This was taken in January.

Clever Girl


  1. How long must we wait? We all want to know how Ultra Clever Girl did.....

  2. Any post is improved by a picture of Dumptruck in a Speedo...