Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival

On May 25th I ran a 50k Ultra Marathon (31 miles) at the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival. It was muddy and crazy and hills the ENTIRE TIME. It was all on trails through beautiful woods and farmland, and it was absolutely relentless. It was hard, I cried at the end, I loved it, I am totally doing it again. Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement!

I wore my OWU under armor shirt because that's what was good for the weather, and so I got to show some Ohio Wesleyan Pride! Ohio Wesleyan is where I went for undergrad, and I did no such physical activity like this during college. Does waking up 5 minutes late to class and sprinting across campus in my pajamas count?

I will very soon do a good write-up of the insanity of this experience, but in the meanwhile, here's some photos. One thing I know for certain: I wouldn't have ever been able to do this, or even considered doing something like this, if I hadn't hiked the AT. I didn't do it fast but I DID IT. It was so muddy the whole course was a slip-in-slide (with rocks!). Here's the terrain map. As you can see, it was very flat. I'M JUST KIDDING. IT WAS HILLS THE ENTIRE TIME. I did this 25k map twice! 

Thanks to Dumptruck for these great photos! My parents, my sister, brother-in-law and little brother all came out to support the event. 

Walking to the car in the morning. 

"Nice team name."
"Yes... I have no idea what that means."

I didn't poke myself in the thigh! Success all around!

This is my advanced, professional iPod case that kept my iPod safe from all the elements
while hiking the Appalachian Trail. It rained during the race, so I'm glad I spent
the extra money on this exclusive case. It's a ziploc bag.
It's very posh.

My sister, who has the same face as me.


One of the only flat sections of the entire course.

After my first 25k loop, even though the clock was still running, I stopped to
fill my face with a trail favorite: a bagel with tuna and avocado squished on it,
and a nalgene full of gatorade. Maybe it's not the best for trail running,
but long distance hiking is all I know, and I thought it was close enough.

Trail map!

The shoes of the gentleman who ran the 50 mile race the fastest. SEE HOW MUDDY.

Huggin' my mama at the end of the race!

Stretching is very important, people! I felt completely fine by the end of
the next day, not sore at all by Tuesday. 

Post-run food, with my little brother Nate!


They were emptying out the water barrels at the end of the day, so
I put my whole face in it.

One of the "official" Pineland Farms photos taken along the trail.
Thank you everyone for understanding my need to take a break from writing while I undertook this crazy task! I love you all dearly.

Clever Girl


  1. Yea Clever Girl! "M3OWZ3BA!?!" rules!

  2. It was SO MUCH FUN to watch you run. You're a machine...with a great big heart. We're so proud of you!! Love, Mom and Dad