Monday, June 9, 2014

102. The Appalachian Trail Museum

The Appalachian Trail Museum is in Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania, just about at the halfway point of the Appalachian Trail. It is the home of the famous "half gallon challenge" in which hikers are advised, against the best interest of their tummies, to eat an entire half gallon of ice cream to commemorate reaching the halfway point. The museum itself is kerplunked right on the trail, and hikers wander directly by it on their way North toward Boiling Springs, PA.

Joe "EarthTone" Harold is the current museum manager, and several months ago he asked Dumptruck and I to come and give a talk about our experience, and about Dumptruck's beautiful book Northbound. We did! The program was on June 8th. Here is the program description:


6/8/2014 - Like Your Own Hike
During their northbound thru-hike in 2013, Clever Girl and Dumptruck, discovered more than just awe-inspiring scenery, incredible wilderness, and close encounters with dangerous wildlife. They found that the trail became less about the accomplishment of hiking the entire East Coast, and more about the connections and experiences with fellow hikers. Featuring beautiful hiker portraits from Northbound, Clever Girl and Dumptruck will take you on a journey that shows that the Appalachian Trail isn't just a physical footpath connecting 14 states, but a ridiculous, emotional roller coaster that connects an entire community of unique, courageous, and lively individuals. Though everyone should hike their own hike, they should take some time to stop and smell the hikers... at their own risk, of course.


We had a great time, and were able to meet some of the greatest previous thru-hikers, such as Richard "Peregrine" Judy, who wrote the book Thru.

The museum itself is beautifully curated, and it's a unique treasure on the trail. If you ever find yourself near Harrisburg Pennsylvania, it's only a quick jaunt to Pine Grove Furnace, and to the museum! 

The Appalachian Trail Museum Newsletter can be found here:
And the official AT Museum website is here:


Ran into a couple of fine folks who read the blog!
Thank you again for your support!!

This is Phys Ed, who started his hike last year and will be
finishing it this year!
Last but certainly not least, we met some current thru-hikers! If you're looking to follow the adventures of some of the class of 2014, these are some fun folks who we spent some time with before our presentation!

Sunshine - Class of 2014 Appalachian Trail
Owl - Class of 2014 Appalachian Trail

Clever Girl


  1. Wow! I feel the honor of an old British solder who gets "mentioned in dispatches". Wish we could see your had to be great. It was fun to see the thru-hikers polishing off their ice cream. Big shout out to Sunshine and Owl for wonderful blogs with super pictures. CG: did you see the land crawfish? Nightmares... Love, Mom and Dad

  2. We sold another copy of "Northbound" yesterday to a Thru named Smurfin. She is a photographer too and was inspired by your book. Of course, we will be mailing it to har as the book weighs 2 lbs 4.7 oz. Her blog is at: travelintrunks dot blogspot dot com. Only two copies left folks...

    1. Joe, I would love to get a copy. I'm a BFA photo major that will be working with a local PBS station on a documentary of a Florida Trail, Ocean to Lake spur trail through hike. (70 miles)

      Let me know how i can make it happen! I came across this awesome blog after the books where sold out, and i've been searching for a copy of Northbound for a while!

    2. Just got the confirmation that my book is on the way. And very likely book 225 of 225. Talk about being late to the party!

  3. Someone should give you guys a sitcom! I have been following your blog since last Spring and enjoy it immensely. Please don't ever stop writing! My friend says that some people are born with an extra "fun" gene and I sense that in you. Please don't ever stop writing. I can't tell you how many times I have busted out laughing inappropriately reading your blog while I should be working. Please don't ever stop writing. Oh... Did I already say that? Best blog ever!!!