Wednesday, July 16, 2014

88. Having a Home That Stretches for 2,000 Miles

In June I went camping with four friends of mine up in The Forks in Maine, on Moxie Pond. It was a great camping weekend, but it was weird because it was the first time I had slept in my tent and sleeping bag since finishing the AT. The first night I couldn't sleep because I was too excited. But then second night it just felt normal. It felt like I was home. I guess I was, because I was basically on the Appalachian Trail. We didn't camp right on the trail, but we hiked up Moxie Bald and Pleasant Pond Mountain. Those are places that I've been before, but it was like I was somebody different then. I'm still the same person, but this is someone who has showered in the past couple of days, and who has a job.

Growing up in a military family, I had the opportunity to live in lots of different places, go to lots of different schools, and feel like my home wasn't any one place, but it was where ever my family happened to be. The upshot of this is: I think of many different places as being my home. When I think back on my childhood, I can think of the military bases, the backyards, the fish tanks and skinned knees, and know that my home is all of those things. I lived in California, Seattle, Key West, Cape Cod, New Hampshire New York, Ohio and Maine, and lots of places within those places.

Going on a long distance hike, my tent was my home... along with the 15-foot circle of ground that all of my hiking family would cram themselves into. Every night we slept in a different place, and maybe it looked different, but it was all connected through my heart strings to the night before and the night after, one long thread of a home reaching with outreached fingers from the South to the North.

This is probably cliche to say, but I'll say it anyway. I think sometimes people think of "home" as being a place. After many years of adjustments, I know without a doubt that for me, "home" is a feeling.

Clever Girl

If you are wondering why Dumptruck isn't in this video at all, it's because we had planned a month in advance to go camping and paid for our reservation, but then he had a photoshoot scheduled last minute for that weekend. He bid us GO ON WITHOUT HIM! And so we did, but we were sad he wasn't with us. I went with my pals Genevieve, Sarah, Brandon and Jose.

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