Monday, July 7, 2014

92. Camp Shoes

At the end of the day
After miles of hikes
The hiker sits down
Removes her boots and says "YIKES!"

"My toes are all squished
Like chicklets together,
My skin wrinkled like raisins
From all this wet weather!"

But there's much left to do
For this hiker's not done
There's tent set-up, dinner,
and dishes, that's fun.

All these things that require
Walking around
But the boots have come off
And there's rocks on the ground!

Her skin is not delicate
Her feet are like leather
But still she wishes for comfort
A little way to make it better

From within her pack
She removes just a pair
Of dollar store sandals
No worse for the wear

They look quite simple
Just some foam and a strap
But they are like heaven
For let us recap:

All day her feet stayed
Trapped, wrapped in wool stockings
In water-logged boots
And did all that walking

But now her feet are free
Finally tasting the air
And she can do his nightly chores
Without the slightest care

For though those flip flops
Are not at all fancy
They allow her to be mobile
And maybe a bit dance-y

If you are a hiker
I wish this for you
That you bring some camp shoes
And carry them thru

Let those toes be free
Just take it from me
You just have to be more careful
If you squat to pee.

Clever Girl


  1. "Campground ladies sing this song, do da, do da..."

  2. You're a hoot John McCann. (Bern)