Friday, July 4, 2014

Hoppy Fort of Julie!

When I was an adolescent, while watching fireworks with my family, my father turned to me and asked,

"Do you think they have the Fourth of July in England?"

As I was a proud 7th grader who knew all about American history, I was struck by how unaware my otherwise brilliant father was acting. I laughed nicely (so as not to hurt his feelings before I gave him what was sure to be a beautifully crafted verbal dissertation on American independence) and shook my head, "Of course not!"

"Ah, okay," he nodded, looking thoughtful. A moment passed, then he looked at me with genuine concern and asked, "So then what day comes after the Third of July?"


We are in New York City for the wedding of some dear, dear friends of ours, and we had the incredible pleasure of being able to watch the NYC fireworks from a tall rooftop in Brooklyn. I hope that your Independence Day was wonderful, and that you got to hear at least one good Dad joke.

Photograph by Michael "Dumptruck" Wilson
Clever Girl

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