Friday, August 1, 2014

83. Soup

So- I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this on here before, but I have three jobs. One is a full time job, and two are part-time jobs. I work between 55 and 60 hours a week. I also believe in devoting a lot of my time and energy into dancing around, playing with friends, being on trivia teams, doing volunteer work and running from one place to another for miles and miles and miles. Keeping this blog updated is entirely separate from all of that, and I absolutely love doing it. However, sometimes I literally don't have enough time in the day to be able to write a thorough, well-written post. On those days, I try to choose one of the Terrific Things that requires less explanation. Frankly, all the things are terrific, but not all of them are equally funny/inspiring/touching/gaseous. Some things can't be captured in words, and I have to make videos to try and wrap all the feelings into one place. 

And then sometimes I leave from one full day of work to travel an hour to do an insane science show for kids, and I get back home to make a campfire in front of Tiny House, and have friends over to tell stories and connect through the harmonizing chorus of our laughters, and then it's almost one in the morning and I realize I haven't written anything at all. But I have to wake up tomorrow morning at 6:30am to do 10 full hours of work on a Saturday. I'm also on the board of directors for a high school, and every once in a while I need to snuggle my cats, and maybe sleep. I was going to list some of the other things I do, but I'm going to stop because I have to sneeze.

These are not complaints. These are all excuses for why I can't always dedicate time to the blog.

I love you, my beautiful, nerdy, enthusiastic audience, and I always feel guilty when I can't give you a fully realized, drafted, edited and produced piece of writing. But I hope you can forgive me, and still come back on Monday, when I will give you all that writing you're looking for.


When we were making this initial list a year ago, someone shouted out "SOUP!" to add it to the list. I put it down without thinking about it, and now I'm a bit stumped. I'm not really sure why soup made the list, because other than Ramen, hikers don't eat a lot of soup. I feel obligated to include it, because it has just been sitting there on the list all this time, staring at me, daring me to remember even a single interesting story about it.

...But it's soup.

I'm going to guess it has something to do with eating something warm and delicious that requires no chewing effort to eat at the end of a long rainy day(?)

Chicken Soup for the Hiker Soul would just be all of the food left at the bottom of a food bag boiled together in one ridiculous mess and eaten without a trace of irony.

Begging your forgiveness,
Clever Girl


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