Monday, September 22, 2014


I just spent an hour and a half thumb-typing out a blog post on my iPhone, pressed "post" and then received an error message stating that my phone couldn't connect to data (this is the downside of the tiny house being so well-insulated). I clicked through to retry uploading it, only to find that the entire post was completely erased, except for one sentence. Gone. All gone. This is powerfully reminiscent of writing papers in high school before Microsoft Word had the autosave function, and losing entire homework assignments when Windows 98 decided to take an unexpected nap.

Normally I would just write it again (as this is not the first time this has happened to me) but I am too frustrated to attempt to rewrite this particular post, because it was a post with a lot of feelings and I am unfortunately not able to access that part of myself right now, because I am to focused on resisting the desire to just eat my phone, intestines be damned.

Instead, here is some food we put googly eyes on:

I sincerely apologize. I will write the feelings hiking post on Wednesday, and I'll write it on a computer, where it is less likely to disappear into the void.

Clever Girl