Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Calvin (CG) and Hobbes (DT)!

At a very crowded, loud music venue this evening...

Stranger: What's the joke?

Us: We're Calvin and Hobbes!

Stranger: No, I get that. I know you're Calvin and Hobbes. What's the joke?

Us: ...

Stranger: No, really, what's the joke?

Hobbes (DT): I literally have no idea what you are asking me. I'm Hobbes. She's Calvin. That's it.

Stranger: I get that part. But I wanna know the joke!

Hobbes: What joke?

Stranger: The joke from the comic!

Hobbes: What joke?

Stranger: You know, THE joke.

Hobbes: I give up.

Calvin Girl

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