Monday, November 24, 2014

46. Clear Fresh Water

In 2006 there was a heavy rainstorm in Bethel, Maine, that caused an overflow in the town reservoir. Dumptruck, at the time, was working at a summer camp (the same summer camp that I would work at in 2007, where we would meet). The town was suddenly bereft of water, and they had to reach out to the closest nearby reservoir to ask for water to be trucked in.

And so it was that Dumptruck showered in Poland Springs water for a week. I still cannot justify buying bottled water, under any circumstances.

For six months I drank nothing but fresh mountain water, collected by my own two hands, made
Yay Giardia!
potable by me. We used a product called Aqua Mira (tiny drops that render any microscopic critters in the water dead AND sterile. What a combo!). Other folks used squeeze filters with charcoal. Some others used these awesome UV pens that lit up like light sabers and also magically de-critter-ified water. And lastly, some folks didn't treat their water at all, and those folks ended up with Giardia. What fun!

No matter what, when you long distance hike, you will become absolutely spoiled by mountain water. Whenever you go into towns and have to taste tap water, it's hard to get over the feeling that it tastes exactly like someone else's used bathwater. That's because it was someone else's bathwater that got processed at a water treatment plant. Don't worry, once you re-integrate into society, you won't notice this taste anymore, or think about how nightmarish it is! Until some jerk lady with a blog points it out and you feel all icky inside.... Oh my word I can't finish my water now. What have I done!? Damn me and my inescapable addiction to visceral analogies!

Anyway, now that I have probably sufficiently alienated you: Wouldn't it be great to just drink water that's straight from the sky or from a naturally formed reservoir? If you go long distance hiking, you get that. You get that ALL THE TIME. 

You may notice that a lot of these photos have hikers in the water, which more or less kinda makes it like bathwater again(?) Except the difference is that we'd never splash around upstream from a marked drinking source, and only ever in swift moving rivers. I promise. 

Clever Girl

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