Friday, December 5, 2014

42. Sunrise

Full disclosure: In an entire six months of living outdoors, I think I only woke up early enough to see the sunrise at most maybe three or four times. This doesn't reflect poorly on hiking. Nay, it only reflects poorly on my character. That aspect of my character being the sleepy aspect. I woke up with the sun every morning, but I enjoyed lazing around in my sleeping bag for a while before emerging. At first I liked doing this because it just felt nice to laze around. But then after a while it became something I would do just because I could. Like that first time you buy an entire cake when you're an adult and eat the whole thing in one sitting just because there's no one around to tell you not to do it. But about halfway through you realize that this was a bad idea, your parents were right all along, and your tummy hurts.

See, the longer I stayed in my sleeping bag, the harder it was to get out of my sleeping bag. Particularly when it was cold outside. For the first couple weeks on the trail, Apollo and Dumptruck were determined to get up really early, and we would wake up to alarms before the sun came up. We'd stumble into our frozen hiking boots and tromp down the trail with our headlamps on. I put up with this only once or twice before I begged them to STOP THE MADNESS and just let our bodies rest for the amount of time they needed to rest. 

I think my favorite sunrise was in Harper's Ferry, on the morning that Dumptruck, Grim, Whistle and I did our 44 mile day. We'd woken up at four thirty in the morning and already hiked seven and a half miles. We stopped just before a bridge and ate some snickers bars totally healthy protein rich organic snacks*!

*These snacks were not totally healthy, protein rich or organic**
**They were snickers bars***
***I'm sorry I tried to lie to you, I'll never do it again.

This is not from that morning,
but it's a good representation of
my fab hiker fashion.
I was wearing the five dollar sunglasses I'd just bought the night before, the ones with green cheetah print... the most fashionable accessory possible for a hiker. I remember specifically looking around at those three and thinking that they were the most beautiful, brilliant and insane people I'd ever had the pleasure to know. The shadows crept inward toward the trees as the sun slowly made its way up past the mountain ridges, and I saw the hope and sense of adventure reflected in their eyes. Then again, it might have just been the caffeine-induced mania I was seeing in their eyes. But it was inspiring, regardless.
Dumptruck often woke up before the sun, but he didn't take very many photographs. 

It think it was because he liked to simply sit and absorb the sunrise without trying to capture it. He only wanted to take it home with him in his heart, rather than in pixels.

Clever Girl


  1. Thank you so much for continuing to share your thoughts, feelings and your experience in such an entertaining way; You are a fabulous writer! I really look forward to reading blog posts and will be so sad when you decide to stop….I hope you will continue forever….you can do that, right? After all you are Clever Girl!

  2. What she said.

    Also, lying is a major part of good story telling. Some of the best stories are in fact total fabrication. (Bern)