Friday, December 19, 2014

Tiny House featured in Down East Magazine!

Hello friends!

Dumptruck and I are super excited to announce that our tiny house was featured in this month's issue of Down East magazine! Michael Wilson (our very own Dumptruck!) did the photographs, and we got interviewed by the lovely and talented Virginia Wright.

To clarify any confusion, you may notice that it says we're in western Maine- we are actually currently in southern coastal Maine. However, the house is actually registered (as a camper!) in western Maine, and western Maine is it's true home. Since the house can (and does) move around from place to place frequently, we decided the most honest descriptor for our location is western Maine, because that's where the paperwork lives, and that doesn't move around!

It's hard to clarify where your home is when your home is on wheels.

Clever Girl

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