Monday, January 19, 2015

29. Snacktime

"So, he says he has to wait for his family to come back from their day hike, but then he can give us a hitch into town," reported Dumptruck, walking back over to Apollo and I. 

It was early evening, and we had been trying to hitch-hike into Glasgow, Virginia for (no exaggeration) at least 20 minutes with no success. Apple Butter and Hotdog had gotten to the crossing before us, and had long ago made it into town. We wanted to get into town for a few reasons, not the least of which the fact that the town had a little park set up specifically for thru-hikers, that included an outdoor gravity shower. We were super tired, and just wanted to be able to set up our tents, eat dinner and go to sleep. Except we couldn't, because we were trapped on the side of the road in the middle of Virginia.

We found a little parking lot, and then began our 45 minute wait for this kind gentleman's family to come back, so we could schlep into town together. We weren't complaining, as we were depending on the kindness of a stranger. However, we were still super hungry. We couldn't set up dinner, because we didn't know if we'd have to stop our food mid-boil. We were right at the end of our food supply, because we had planned to get into Glasgow to resupply.

I pulled out my meager foodbag and rummaged around inside, hoping for something, anything, to tide me over.

I found a packet of velveeta macaroni cheese and a packet of ramen. Without even hesitating, I ripped open the velveeta and squeezed it onto the raw, dry ramen noodles and started eating it. Apollo looked on in horror.

"You're really eating that?" he asked, not with judgment, simply fascination.

"Yep," I nodded, "if you close your eyes you can kinda convince yourself it's just really, really bad nachos."

And then, once I got tired of the pretense of using the dry ramen as a vehicle for the cheese, I just started squeezing the processed cheese product right from the packet into my mouth.

Snacktime is the best!

In all sincerity, snacktime was one of my favorite things about thru-hiking. It was a way to take a good, random 10 minute break at any point in the day without needing any other excuse other than "I'm hungry." All long distance hikers are hungry, all the time, and so it's a good reason to rest your weary bones every once in a while. Sometimes we'd take our backpacks off, but sometimes we'd just leave the packs on, and sit on a log.

We discovered pretty quickly that snacktime is very important, because if you try to eat and hike at the same time, you will tempt death.  If you try and chew a Clif bar while climbing a moutain, you will fear for your life. It's impossible to breathe, the bite takes what feels like 1,000 chews to complete, and you WILL trip and choke. 

So just relax for a minute! Sit down, and eat your snack.

No matter how horrifying and disgusting that snack might be to normal people.

Stopping for some oatmeal!

Aw, nuts!

This is canned herring. So we combined herring + heron to = herron. Delicious! 

Mountaintop whoopie pie.

Oh, honey.
Clever Gi

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