Monday, January 5, 2015

Being Present This Year

My dearest readers, friends, family, countrymen and robots,

I want to first of all say: I am sorry that I didn't give you any reading material on Wednesday or Friday. I am going to further compound this indecency by yet again not giving you a full piece of writing. What a world, what a world! 

I was going to give you the truth about why I couldn't write, which I assure you is very compelling, but I find that I can summarize it best this way:

I love to write, and I sincerely have no end of gratitude for you, beautiful reader. However, I needed to be fully present in my real life for this first week of the new year. Sometimes life gives us the beautiful gift of time with loved ones we would not otherwise get, and I needed to appreciate this gift with all of me.

Thank you for understanding. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming on Wednesday.

The most love in the world,
Clever Girl

Only 34 more to go! We're on our way!

1 comment:

  1. Only 34?!?! What ever shall we do?? Start over I believe. You were missed but a mamas heart says never miss a moment of your loved ones, not for nuttin', nohow. Beth.