Friday, June 12, 2015

The Time has Come, the Walrus Said

Hello there hiking fans!

First and foremost I want to apologize for my sudden and unexplained absence. In short explanation: Whistle has been having a fabulous adventure, but it has not turned out to be an adventure consistently on the CDT. Specifically, the weather and snow has been far too bad for a dedicated hike, and it was too dangerous (over and over again) to be able to continue. There are still several fun stories and photos that I will share with you at some point along the way, but as it is right now, I don't have consistent material to share with you. I was waiting to see if there would be more, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Like a block of cheese. Eventually it's just all gone, and all you're left with is good memories of cheese well eaten. There is sadness in goodbye, but gladness in having had the experience. PRETTY CHEESY, RIGHT?

So where does that leave us? I have completed my thru-hike, I kept you along for the ride for the 200 Terrific Things about Long Distance Hiking, and then we got a short but sweet window into hiking the Continental Divide Trail through the beauty and wisdom of our dear Whistle. I do not have another long-distance hike planned in my near future. What, then, could possibly be published on trail kit?! Recipes for hiker food? Workout routines for cats? 10,000 photos of pie?!

The short answer is: nothing right now. But that does not mean I have quit writing. I have been picked up by Bangor Daily News here in Maine to write an ongoing column/blog about the tiny house. Here is the link to the first article:

How My Partner and I Came to Live in a Tiny House

Here is the link to the main page of the blog:

I will be updating every other Monday for the foreseeable future.

Trail Kit will not cease to exist. I have no doubt that there will be adventures in the future that will be catalogued here in this space.

But for now we will say goodbye for now in the tradition of the Mickey Mouse Club:

C L E... Eeet's been great being with you!

V E R...Rrrrr is the sound a velociraptor makes when she's being stymied by a kitchen door!

G..I..R..L.... YEAH!

Clever Girl! Clever Girl! Clever girl thinks you're super great!

Clever Girl

I'll send you out with this PHENOMENAL parody written for me by Neill, set to the tune of American Pie. Thank you Neill, you are my hero.
You totally have to hum the tune of American Pie (Don McLean) in your head to get the full effect of this.

Terrific 200 (A Tribute)

A long long time ago
I can still remember how those Words used to make me smile
I knew if we had the chance
That Clever Girl could make us all dance
And the Words would make us happy again for a while

But every count down made me shiver
With every paged Clever Girl delivered
Good times on the 200
I wish we had another hundred

I can’t remember if I sighed
When I read the very very last line
But something touched me deep inside
The day the Words, all died……

So bye bye Terrific 200
I drove my Honda to the mountains but the mountains were gone
Some good ole boys had logged them all away
Singin this’ll be the day we all cry
This’ll be the day we all cry

Now for many years we were all alone
And hikin’ trails like a tumbling stone
But that’s not how it use to be

When Dumptruck sang for the writer queen
In a tent he bought from LL Bean
But that’s not what we want to see

And while Grim was looking up
Whistle hid his drinking cup
Shanty Town was all around
We all digged their singin’ sound

And while Apollo read a book on the trail
We all knew you would never fail
You were out tenting in the dark
Getting trail magic in the park
The day the Words all died….

So bye bye Terrific 200
I drove my Honda to the mountains but the mountains were gone
Some good ole boys had logged them all away
Singin this’ll be the day we all cry
This’ll be the day we all cry……

Helter skelter it was a summer swelter
Hangin’ out in a trailside shelter
Twenty miles hiked and rolling fast

We all collapsed hard in the grass
We’re too tired for the mountain pass
With our hopes now all pretty downcast

The mountain air was a sweet perfume
But the hiker stench would make you swoon
We all got to smell the flower
But we sure did miss the shower

When the hikers tried for the buffet line
The restaurant manager would not let them dine
Do you recall seeing a sign
The day the Words all died
We started singin’

Bye bye Terrific 200
I drove my Honda to the mountains but the mountains were gone
Some good ole boys had logged them all away
Singin this’ll be the day we all cry
This’ll be the day we all cry……

I never met the girl who wrote the lines
And couldn’t ask her for another try
The magic there was a heavy chore

So I went down to the hiking store
Where I read the Words years before
But the man said missing the Words made him cry

And in the woods no water in the stream
The animals whined and hikers could only dream
So nary a word was spoken
The mountain tops were all broken

The writer I admire most
Lives in a tiny house near the coast
So while Whistle hikes another trail
Clever Girl would receive all her mail
And now the mountains would live to boast
The day the Words came alive

And we started singin’ high high
Rocky Mtn high those good old Words
Caused the mountains to fly
The skies are blue and the trees are tall
We’ll be reading the Words into the Fall
Readin’ the Words into the Fall

And we were singin’ high high Rocky Mtn high….


  1. A hearty bravo to Neill for sending this chapter on such a high note. You know you're a great writer when you can hold your own with Clever Girl. The perfect denouement to the perfect tale of the brilliant gal and all her pals. We'll keep checking in for the occasional story and meanwhile start lurking on the Bangor Daily News site! Love, Mom and Dad

  2. I'm sad. I will miss those clever words oh clever girl. I know someday I will have to come back and reread the entirety of this blog... again. Here's to all your future adventures and may you never put down the pen (virtually speaking).

  3. I am sad to see this end! This is an amazing feat of writing and has kept me entertained for many hours, and has also inspired me! I wish to live with more adventure! I'm glad I can continue to reading your writing occasionally here and in other places though (:. Miss you!!

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