200 Terrific Things

200 Terrific Things about Long Distance Hiking

Hooray! You are here! You might be a hiker, thinking about being a hiker, have once known a hiker, or perhaps you are be a bear who is trying to figure out how better to pose as a hiker so you can steal food more effectively. No matter the case, you made it here, and I hope you enjoy hiking yourself through this journey!

200. The First Day
199. Taking Your Boots Off
198. Macaroni and Cheese
197. Soaking Your Bandana
196. Never Having to Pick What You're Going to Wear
195. Massage
194. Gear Preparation
193. Going to the Movies is so Much Better
192. Spring Cleaning is Lifting Your Tent Up
191. Impromptu Dancing
190. Mile 100
189. Highs that Contrast the Lows
188. Unitards
187. Cards
186. Growing Up
185. Appreciation for Clean Dishes
184. Bouldering
183. Scratching Mosquito Bites
182. Loss of Standards, Part 1
181. Loss of Standards, Part 2
180. Epsom Salt
179. Loss of Standards, Part 3
178. Naps
178b. NAPS TWO!
177. Inspiration
176. The Effect that Caffeine Has on Hiking Speed
175. Audiobooks on Rainy Days
174. Moon Shadows
173. Hiking Boot Skiing
172. No Alarm Clock
171. Climbing Trees
170. Finding the Right Allergy Medication
169. It's Only 15 Seconds from Stranger to Friend
168. Local Wisdom
167. All the Future Money Saved on Hotels
166. Squirt Guns
165. Meeting Big Goals
164. Teenager Hair
163. Wildberries
162. Day Hikers' Cloud of Soap Smell
161. Grocery Stores
160. Blazes
159. Finding the Trail After You Lose It
158. Realizing the Glory of the Sandwich
157. The Year You Hike Will Be One of the Best Years of Your Life
156. Getting to Feel Like a Badass
155. No Motion Sickness
154. The Potential for Cheering Up
153. More Miles than Degrees Club
152. Being Okay with Going the Speed Limit
151. Bizarre Trail Pets
150. The Magical Green Thumb
148. Repurposing Baby Wipes
147. General Disregard for Social Norms
146. Trail Treasures
145. Hiking into a National Forest, Up and Over Elevation Changes Equivalent to Climbing Countless Empire State Buildings, and Finding Your Way to a Tourist Location at the Top of a Fancy Popular Mountain That Just so Happens to be Directly on the Trail, Being Completely Soaking Wet and Finding a Sign in the Bathroom that is Clearly Written and Posted SPECIFICALLY to Ward Off Thru-Hikers, and Knowing that there will Be Absolutely No Repercussions When You Completely Disobey The Sign Anyway.
144. Spit Takes
143. Bears
142. Snot Rockets - An Illustrated Guide
141. Salt
140. Hiker Perfume
139. Shelter Logs
139b. Shelter Logs, Part 2
139c. Shelter Logs, Part 3
138. Hiker Language
137. Slack Packing
136. AYCE
135. Blue Blazing
134. Hiking Fast Enough to Generate Your Own Air Conditioning
133. Time Roots
132. Kill Your Scale
131. Candy
130. Surviving an Ice Storm in Your Tent
129. Spare Change
128. Jumping Into Lakes
127. Jumping Off Bridges
126. Learning that the Hardest Way Can Be the Easiest Way
125. Strangely Fabulous Skin
124. The First Bloom of Spring
123. Ultralight Backpacking
122. Having People Over for Dinner in Your Tent
121. Eye Contact
120. Finally Giving Proper Respect to Modern Plumbing
119. Required Reading
118. Evening Entertainment - Games
117. Hiker Horseshoes
116. Shifting Expectations - Northbound Introduction
115. Clean Socks
114. Super Feet
113. Inevitably Meeting Hikers Who Have Beards Long Enough to Braid, Befriending Them For Reasons Other Than Their Beard, and Then One Day Convincing Them to Let you Braid Their Beard, Much to Their Chagrin
112. Watching the Idiot Mosquitos from Inside Your Tent
111. Things Hikers Say
111b. Things Hikers Say Part 2
110. Hiking Poles
109. Trail Days - Talent Show
108. Trail Days - The Hiker Parade
107. Trail Days - Bonfire
106. Perseverance
105. Instant Mashed Potatoes
104. No Wind When It's Cold 
103. Wind When It's Hot
102. The Appalachian Trail Museum
101. Photographing Your Journey
100. Crossing State Lines
99. Being the Only Humans for Miles
98. New Hiking Boot Smell
97. Successfully Landing in the Cat Hole on the First Try
96. Switchbacks
95. Successfully Getting a Hitch
94. Living in a Tent (TINY HOUSE EDITION!)
94b. Tiny House FAQ
93. Borrowing From Thy Neighbor
92. Camp Shoes
91. Your Sleeping Bag
90. You Can Probably Fit Inside Your Huge Backpack
89. Lying Down
88. Having a Home That Stretches for 2,000 Miles
87. Hiker Fashion
86. Taking Your Rainfly Off
85. Your Friend Reading to You
84. Stretching
83. Soup
82. Golf Balls
81. Meteor Showers
80. Hike Naked Day
79. Belching
78. Being at the Mercy of Nature
77. Sleeping Next to a River
76. Finding Something You Thought You Lost, Part 1
75. Finding Something You Thought You Lost, Part 2
74. Finding Something You Thought You Lost, Part 3
73. Spitting Off the Top of a Mountain
72. Calf Muscles the Size of Cantaloupes
71. Hiking On After a Long Break
70. Avocados
69. Part of the Appalachian Trail is Actually a Boat
68. The Sound of Rain on the Roof of Your Tent
67. No Food is Ever Wasted
66. Feeling a Nice Cool Breeze on your Bum While Doing your Business Outdoors
65. Hiker Boxes
64. Daydreaming
63. Hot Chocolate
62. Going Over a Mountain in a Lightning Storm
61. How Your Pack Fits You
60. Doing Laundry in Trail Towns
59. Sweat
58. Callouses
57. Stupid Challenges
56. Campfire
55. Triple Crown
54. Word Games
53. Morning Coffee
52. When There's a Tarp at the Shelter
50. Running Into Hikers You Haven't Seen in Ages
49. Not Having to Care What Day of the Week it is
48. Getting to See Dangerous Wildlife Up Close
47. Drying Gear Out in the Sun
46. Clear Fresh Water
45. Foggy Mornings
44. 100 Degrees
43. Americana
42. Sunrise
41. Sunset
40. No Time - Just the Sun
39. Body Hair
38. Going a Bunch of Miles Without Realizing It
37. Freedom from Pop Culture
36. Ice Cream
35. Lungs
34. Dumping the Frivolous
33. Showers
32. Friends/Family Coming to Visit
31. The Great Underpants Choice
30. Being Above the Birds
29. Snacktime
28. Freedom from Technology
27. Hiker Hostels
26. Group Mind
25. Getting a Good Night's Sleep
24. The Actual Act of Hiking Itself
23. Trail Crews
22. Trail Maintenance 
21. Waterfalls
20. Shelter Sardines
19. Never Having to Hold It
18. Passing Gas
17. Getting A Care Package
16. Hiker's High
15. Soap
14. Not Going to Work/School
13. Fresh Air
12. Sleeping Outside
11. Zero Days
10. Stars
9. Eating Whatever You Want
8. Laughter
7. Trail Magic
6. Trail Angels
5. Community
4. Getting a Trail Name
3. Finding a Trail Family
2. The Last Day
1. You


  1. Thanks for sharing this Clever girl/Kit, really looking forward to it like a tv junkie waits for the next episode of their favorite show. :) I hope to be a thru one day so I am already enjoying the valuable terrific things!! :)

  2. Like hubba, Beth and I anticipate the entries. Seriously good stuff.

  3. i found this blog on like sunday night. i have now read everything youve published, at 2am the thursday after. thanks for further adding to my addiction of wanting to do a long distance hike. and being talented with your words.

    1. Oh my goodness, that's awesome! I'm so glad that you're a hiker, and I'm equally glad that you found your way here. Thank you so much for your kind words. :D

  4. Clever Girl, may I have permission to post a link to your story on Nectar and Zack to Whiteblaze? I think everyone should read ha story. Scott

    1. Yes, of course you may! Nectar wanted Zack's story to be shared :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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